For our customer AEG we designed a large-scale 360° campaign, which presented the innovative steam laundry care program “ProSteam” for gentle refreshment and care of textiles and reached different target groups.

The core of the campaign was a TVC, which put the practical refreshing function of ProSteam in the spotlight and which we realised together with the Hamburg production company “Infected”. The TVC was supported by a Germany-wide POS campaign, which drew attention to ProSteam devices by means of various marketing materials created by us.

Further highlights of the campaign were large-format ‘giant posters’, for which top advertising spaces were booked at prominent locations in several cities. In Hamburg and Cologne, the posters were to be found in the city centre, in Munich and Nuremberg the corresponding posters were to be seen at the airport.

A logical continuation of the campaign at the Berlin Fashion Week was the design of an AEG ProSteam stand with a refreshment service for fashion designers and exhibitors. In addition to smaller advertising materials, the trade fair appearance was accompanied by a giant banner, a mural on the side of a residential building and a ‘refreshment cooperation’ with selected hotels.

During the Fashion Week, social media posts created by us also drew attention to ProSteam, and a banner offensive on the website of the magazine “Elle” linked to an advertorial on the website of news magazine “Focus”, which pointed out the special suitability of ProSteam for refreshing high-quality fashion. In addition, the TVC was adapted for playout in the social media, where it could be seen in different versions.