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Let’s define the future of your brand together - by taking on new challenges one by one. From close collaboration with our blue-chip clients on dozens of innovation projects, we have the in-depth know-how and extensive experience you’re looking for. With our Design Thinking Approach, we can quickly draft a plan that will shape your digital ecosystem to leverage the benefits of the latest and most relevant digital innovations and consumer trends.
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Together we’ll deliver on your marketing objectives and meet your sales KPIs. You will experience the creative potential of our user centric approach that is upheld by our insight-based data driven understanding of markets and target audiences alike.
You will experience the creative beauty and collaborative fun of the Design Thinking Method.
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We have 10 values we believe in and try to live up to them every day! This is the core of our culture that you will experience in all projects with our teams. If you’re up for it, you can exercise these values with our bespoke exercises in our yoga classes - every Monday at 7pm.
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20 years that matter to you
You will not pay for all the experience we gained over the last 2 decades – but you will definitely profit from it. We’ve executed digital projects, built marketing platforms and launched brand communities when others were still sticking to old habits and channels. Creative, user-centric storytelling across all touchpoints was at the heart of our work from the very beginning when Nick Meyer and Rowland Davies founded the agency in the year 2000. Since then we believe in the power of big ideas and holistic strategies. We don't think in channels, we think about solutions. Innovative technology is our foundation for data-based insights and personalized communication. And together with you, we want to shape the future of your brand!
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We bring together what belongs together: specialists from all over the world, from creative, technical and organizational areas, who together contribute to success. A recipe for success! And because we are not only creative in the digital world, but also in the culinary world, there’s “Davies Meyer Delicious”. Our cookbook, packed with the 52 favorite recipes of our team. An international creative kitchen!
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