Social Media News November 2019

November 17, 2019


As most of us know, Instagram has announced to remove likes from their platform. Now it seems as if Facebook might be following in Instagram’s footsteps. Instagram’s test is currently online in 7 countries and whilst some users are thrilled, others are devastated. Facebook is now rumored to make the same changes. In a very small, limited test they are trying the newsfeed without likes. Depending on how successful it is, they might repeat the test on a larger scale. However, Facebook is currently holding back on information about possible changes.

This decision derives from Facebooks statement, that they want users on both platforms to focus more on the actual content rather than the number of likes they can gain. Users will still have access to all their own engagement data, but others will not be able to view precise numbers. Many believe this change will have a positive impact on Facebooks community, and will particularly benefit businesses, as their followers/viewers will not get distracted by numbers but rather focus on the actual content.



Anyone who is active in the Instagram Inbox will know the struggle. Organization barely exists and messages can get lost easily. However, this is going to change soon! Instagram has acknowledged the problems with the Inbox and that good consumer connections are very important to many businesses. As a result, Instagram is releasing several new features in the upcoming holiday season which will make Community Management more comfortable for consumers and businesses.

These features will include an instant reply for the consumer so they can receive a message, whilst a business is currently unable to answer. These messages can be personalized and programmed to be sent during a certain time frame. Additionally, saved answers will be introduced with which businesses can save answers to frequently asked questions, instead of writing them repeatedly. Lastly, Instagram will introduce labels to mark conversations and to get a better overview of the Inbox. However, it is unknown how business pages on Instagram and Facebook will be synchronized after the release of the update.



Everyone knows that hashtags belong to Instagram. They can generate reach and brand awareness and arouse the interest of the target group. However, there is one question that comes up quite often. How many hashtags should I use, and which hashtags work best? Instagram responds to this with 2 – 4 hashtags, that’s it, nothing more. Luckily Quintly has carried out a study in which Instagram profiles were analyzed. They combined the engagement of posts with the used number of hashtags.

Turns out: fewer hashtags generate more interactions. But with the addition that it depends on the profile size. Large profiles with 10m+ followers generate even more interactions when they don’t use hashtags at all. Small profiles with 0 – 1k followers generate more interactions by using more than 10 hashtags.

What’s important is that you don’t use random hashtags. Don’t spam. Think of your target group! What are they looking for? Good research is the key to relevant hashtags.



You might have noticed that the short-form video platform TikTok is currently booming. There are 500 million users worldwide – rising trend. Yet only a few brands have opened an account. But the ones who did are successfully gaining brand awareness. Especially young audiences (16 – 24 years old) love showing their creative side on the platform. This is a great chance for companies to show them their fun side. Since the app is relatively new there are no rules or best practices yet. So, get the app now and you will have a head start when the real marketing race begins! Remember: what’s most important is creativity!
Recommendations for your account:

1. Be creative and have fun.
Show your audience the personality of your brand – in a fun way of course.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
Do what you think is fun and what might achieve some actions.

3. Engage with your audience.
Think of video ideas, challenges, etc. that motivate the users to interact.

4. Produce videos around national days.
Create a connection between national holidays and your brand.

5. Offer a challenge.
Lots of users react to hashtag challenges. So, create a video, choose the right song and challenge the users to create their own versions with the use of a specific hashtag.

6. Offer different content.
TikTok allows you to show your funny side which means lighter content!

7. Educate and inform.
TikTok doesn’t have to be silly all the time. Companies or organizations with serious missions can also share their content. You can also try to combine a serious matter with a challenge.



Johanna Leffers
India Schöller
Marie Krebs