Social Media News July 2020

July 22, 2020

Instagram Reels starts in Germany 

 The new feature “Instagram Reels” is now available in Germany after it was tested in Brazil. Reelsis a tool that creates short videos with various effects and sounds. Sounds familiar? According to JanFirsching from, the feature is very similar to TikTok. The difference between the two platforms is that Reels is another format on Instagram alongsidestories and IGTV while TikTok is all about short videos.  

Reels is connected to Instagram Explore which helps Instagram to strengthen discovering newcontent and accounts. The short videos are shown at the first position in Explore and they are thesize of nine pictures which means they get a lot of attention. Reels is about anorganicdistribution of contentas well as thedevelopment of individual video recommendations. ​ 

The videos can have a maximum length of 15 seconds and can be shared in the feed or Exploresection. Reels has been provided with five options: audio, AR effects, timer and countdown, arrangement and video speed. This means that the format isnot quite as extensive as stories,but it has significantly more options than regular videos for the Instagram feed. 


Ads in IGTV 


In June 2020 Instagram is starting to test ads in IGTV. The format will differ from other placements on Instagram because those ads will be longer than ads in feeds or stories. ​ 

According to Instagram IGTV has become a powerful place for creators to connect more deeply with their fans and share their lives and talents. With IGTV ads, they have another new way to earn money. ​ 

The difference between feed ads and IGTV ads is that Instagram shares a part of the earnings with the creators of the content. ​ 



According to Phillip Roth from IGTV ads look similar to YouTube ads. When you see an IGTV in your feed you only see the teaser at first. You have to click on an IGTV video to fully watch it but before you can watch the whole video, you’ll see the ad. It’s not clear yet if there will be multiple ads and if it’s possible to skip them. ​ 



Currently, ads have a length of 15 seconds and are shown in full portrait format on mobile devices only. ​ 



Instagram is testing IGTV ads in the US with a small group of creators and advertisers and will slowly expand globally.​ 


How efficient are story ads? 


The story format is an important part of Instagram. Each day more than one billion stories from people who want to share their daily lives are shared on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Of course, brands and companies are using the format, too.But how efficient is communication via stories really? ​ 

 Facebook has carried out a study which analyzed the effect of campaignsthat are only taking place in the feed and campaigns that consist of story ads and feed ads. Facebook looked into ad recall, brand/campaign awareness and top of mind awareness. The study concentrates on 23 brand lift tests which were conducted in seven countries.  



  • With story ads, the costs per additionally affected person are reduced. 
  • The combination of feed and story ads has a high impact.  
  • Story ads optimize campaign reach.  

 To achieve the best effect for your story ads you should follow some basic tips: ​ 

  • Show the brand in the first three seconds. This is important because stories are consumed very fast.​ 
  • The product that you are advertising should be highlighted early and clearly. ​ 
  • The message must be clear and understandable.​ 
  • Mobile-first: Stories are made for mobile devices and should be in a vertical format. They have to be understandable with and without sound. ​ 
  • The ad should be developed with a clear aim. ​ 


Johanna Leffers