Social Media News January 2022

January 10, 2022

Instagram introduces a new feature 


This new Instagram feature continues to demonstrate the connection between Instagram’s current strategy and features similar to TikTok. With this feature, you can now reply to Instagram comments with Reels. In this way, reels are better embedded in Instagram. As of now, users have the option to press a blue Reels button.  

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, the new feature is a bit cheap compared to the older TikTok version. On the other hand, Reels are best for generating engagement. Instagram is therefore trying to keep its users from drifting to TikTok. However, Meta should focus on more innovative ideas in the future to differentiate itself from TikTok.  

This situation can be compared with the competition between Facebook and MySpace in 2005 when MySpace copied many of Facebook’s tools to prevent its own users from leaving. As it turned out, this strategy did not save MySpace. On the contrary, Facebook became bigger and more important as a platform.  

Meta is now also targeting younger users more. We are curious about the development in this regard! 


Facebook launches new live stream features 


Facebook wants to simplify things for creators and businesses. With helpful new features, the shopping mood of customers can now be improved. These include a new design and a simplified menu. In addition, it will be easier for live streamers to interact with their community in the future.  

In connection with this, it will be easier for creators to start a live video and then see the insights in an organized format. With so-called “featured links“, the streamer can share external pages during their live streams. This way, users can be sent directly to the desired landing page. This can be especially helpful for product placements, sponsorships, and live shopping events. Facebook is also introducing other features. For example, polls in the mobile view, the ability to go live with multiple peopleLive Stories and Front Row. Front Row is for followers who are most active and frequently tune in to the user’s live videos. These are displayed directly to the creators and can thus be called by name and secure exclusive content. 

In addition to this feature, according to Anika Milz from, a new ranking system will ensure that creators know which discussions they can participate in to achieve more community engagement 


Twitter’s “explore page” 


In addition to Instagram, Twitter is also taking cues from TikTok. With a new full-screen format, users can now scroll vertically through the tweets. In the explore tab, however, it is not only the full-screen format that is reminiscent of TikTok; the “For You” and “Trending” options also show clear parallels.  

According to current analyses, TikTok could already have 1.5 billion monthly users in the coming year. This shows us why so many social media platforms are taking inspiration from the fast-growing giant.  

We could see similar developments when Snapchat introduced its story format. Instagram and Facebook quickly capitalized on the then-new feature and integrated it into their platform design. Twitter also adopted the feature briefly, but without success according to Niklas Lewanczik from 

The parallels from the new Twitter Explore page to TikTok cannot only be seen literally, but the visual impressions also show a striking similarity. Whether this feature functions well for Twitter or is soon discontinued, as seen with their ‘Fleets’ story-like feature, will be determined after the test phase. Nevertheless, we expect to see more similarities to TikTok’s mechanisms on all major platforms in the future.  


Pinterest announces a new feature 


Pinterest is trying to optimize the interaction between the community and the creator. With the idea of responding to comments with Idea Pins, Pinterest is also roughly oriented in a similar way to TikTok. You can now respond to pin comments with this visual element. All you need to do is to click on the three dots next to the comment and select “Reply with new Idea Pin”.  

Due to the increased engagement with videos, it also makes sense for Pinterest to adapt a function similar to TikTok.  

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, these responses make perfect sense for particularly for businesses. The idea pins, which require more effort, provide a more intensive connection with the community. Questions can be explained explicitly, giving customers the feeling that their issues are being addressed directly. In addition, short videos can be used to showcase products. So, there are different ways in which companies can use this new function for themselves and for video engagement. 


 Instagram launches new personalized link-stickers 


From now on, all Instagram accounts can use link-stickers in their stories. In addition, the link-stickers can be personalized with individual texts and call-to-actions. Thus, there are no more requirements for using them, meaning accounts with less than 10,000 followers can now finally place links in their stories.  

This came about due to pressure from the community. Many of the Instagram users gave feedback that swipe-ups and link-stickers could also be helpful for smaller accounts.  

However, the option also increases the risk of abuse by spam and fake accounts that could use these link stickers against the guidelines. This makes it more and more important that Instagram continues to screen out accounts and put a focus on internet safety.  

To customize the link sticker to your own liking, you can enter a text in a field below the URL, which will then be transferred to the link. Here you should get creative and use the new option. For example, with a “should read” link sticker to catch the attention of the community – but here you should not overdo it.  

According to Jan Firsching from futurebiz, we will now see link stickers more often. This will especially benefit those accounts that should theoretically be verified but are not. 


TikTok is planning to open its own delivery-chain 


Probably no one expected this new idea from TikTok: The social media platform wants to publish its’ own delivery platform in the USA next year. According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, the most viral products and recipes will be compiled into menus. This way, TikTok users can have their favourite TikTok food trends delivered directly to their door.  

The concept is not new. Through the restaurants and stores of others, one can directly support local businesses via TikTok. Virtual Dining Concepts and Grubhub are part of the team. Together, they want to create new partnerships and menus every quarter of the year. However, there should be enough input for this, as there are new food trends on TikTok every month, which are recooked and celebrated by the community. 

But why food delivery? 

First of all, the new project is intended to further help and expand TikTok’s brand awareness. In addition, the social media giant is entering a new business that experienced a big boom, especially during the COVID-pandemic. As soon as TikTok can achieve success here, it probably won’t be long before in-stream shopping is also promoted on the app.  

According to Kate Krader from Bloomberg, 300 restaurants are already part of the new project, with more to be involved from next year onwards. 



Anna Lemke