Social Media News December 2021

December 2, 2021

  “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram 


To encourage more interaction with Instagram stories, Instagram has now released this new feature. 

According to Jan Firsching from futurebiz the “Add Yours” Sticker makes the reactions to stories even more creative and open. In addition to the existing poll and quiz stickers, users can now respond directly to the given topic with photos.  

With the sticker, a topic is given and then combined with a clear call to action. 

For example, a company can call on its followers to share photos and videos with the products. In addition to engaging its followers, this allows the company to gain further reach – it also increases engagement with the story and encourages follower growth. 

When choosing a theme, however, it should be noted that the effort required by the new “Add Yours” feature is higher. Instead of just tapping a button, the user now has to actively create their own story.  


Use the new Instagram feature and, above all, have fun with it! When you find the right topic, don’t just be the submitter, but interact with your community’s submissions, or even your competitors’. 


TikTok launches “Communitytok” 


TikTok’s new project is called “CommunityTok”. As the name suggests, it’s all about community engagement on various topics and areas (f.e. #foodtok #weddingtok #cleantok). 

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday the focus is therefore on increasing engagement in the different fields. This feature can be particularly interesting for companies in terms of branding. In small networks, groups can be found on various products and topics. This can help a company to overcome the hurdle of producing TikTok itself. In “CommunityTok” you are shown examples and clever ideas for TikTok. This offers the chance to create new connections and sub-groups to learn how TikTok users interact with each other. Because the main rule for TikTok is and remains: Create content in the language of TikTok and move on the latest trends.  

Meanwhile, TikTok counts almost a billion users and should therefore be counted among the most influential media alongside Instagram and Facebook.  

If your company is still lacking the necessary ideas for a successful start on TikTok, be sure to check it out! 


Top 7 social media strategies for 2022 


The Grazitti Interactive team has published a new infographic with the top 7 social media strategies. We present them to you in short, so that you can start the new year with fresh ideas and tips. 

Strategy 1 

Explore your opportunities and goals. For a profound strategy, it is important to know your target audience and your goal. To develop a strategy, you must first understand what is required. 

Strategy 2 

Find new social media features and test them. New opportunities can help your company engage with customers and create brand awareness. 

Strategy 3 

Align your social media strategy with your overall marketing strategy.  

Strategy 4 

Make sure your social media management is flexible. Social media is constantly changing, so it’s important for companies to be able to adapt to these changes quickly. So make sure your team is aware of all new processes. 

Strategy 5 

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important to a company’s community and authenticity. Plus, influencers make it easier for your company to engage with your target audience. 

Strategy 6 

The most important part of a working strategy is creating content. Your company should be creative and interactive with the audience to be remembered and to encourage interaction with the community. 

Strategy 7 

Educate yourself about user search intentions. Social media can be so overwhelming that it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on. Therefore it is important to monitor social media and learn to optimize the search intent. 


How your company can use the TikTok comment section for itself 


We already know that TikTok is a great channel to connect with its community. But this tactic is new.  

According to Roland Eisenbrand and Scott Peterson from OMR companies normally generate engagement and attention through their own posts and channels. On TikTok, however, it has now become a trend to comment under viral videos as a company – and with success. The comments, which are usually very humorous, are very well received by the TikTok community.  

Businesses can show themselves super up to date and jump on viral trends without having to produce content themselves. All it takes is creative and proactive community management.  

But why is it just so helpful to put a comment under the videos? It’s not uncommon for viral TikTok videos to rack up views in the single-digit billions. So why not grab a few views? Even if not every viewer opens the comment section, a large number of people see the comments. If they are also written humorously, the user can save the brand positively. The comments with the most likes are displayed at the top of the comment section and can generate even more reach – so make the comment as funny and creative as you can! 


Try it out and see where it gets you! This way you can build a community on TikTok and promote an acceptance of the brand. It is important here that the company appears united as one. Also note that there is a fine line between self-deprecation and cringe! 


TikTok tests a new option to tag other profiles in your video clips 


TikTok is now testing a new feature that allows you to tag other profiles in a video 

Currently, there is already the option to mention profiles in the caption and tag them.  

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, this will in near future also be possible without a caption. Thus, profiles can be mentioned in a more integrated way. This function could be especially helpful for companies to support community engagement and to include supporters or other partners in videos. 

This feature can be useful especially when you want to get in touch with customers. For example, customers who have already asked questions or made suggestions in the comments or in other videos can be tagged directly under the corresponding answer. This could make the customer feel addressed personally and the buyer-seller relationship can be intensified. Although the function already exists in a similar way on TikTok, the renewal offers some positive changes. For example, it prevents the caption from looking too crowded and chaotic.  

Let’s see what the future brings because TikTok is testing this feature yet. 


TikTok business registration will be simplified 

Although TikTok is increasingly becoming an important channel for companies, the business side of the platform is still lagging behind its competitors. That’s about to change, according to Nadine von Qiechowski of OnlineMarketing. 

TikTok is now making it easier for businesses to register for a business account 

Social media expert Matt Navarra unceremoniously shared a screenshot of the new feature on Twitter. Through the new feature, businesses get new access to Tiktok features. However, it must be emphasized here that the new registration is not the same as the blue checkmark verification.  

In addition, TikTok wants to promote collaboration between brands and creators in the future. Unlike Youtube or Facebook, Tiktok cannot serve pre-roll ads. Therefore, collaborations remain the most promising way to advertise as a business. How exactly TikTok wants to do this is not yet known. We will keep our eyes open for you and inform you as soon as there are new changes.